1098 - t形式

1098 - t形式, is an American IRS tax form filed by eligible education institutions (or those filing on the institution’s behalf) to report payments received from the paying student during the calendar year. 这种形式, 与个人财务记录相结合, is used to assist you and your parents in calculating any educational tax 信贷s you may be eligible for.

To help determine the tax 信贷 you may be eligible for, please review IRS表格8863 -教育学分s表格8863的说明, 国税局970年出版 – Tax Benefits for Higher Education.

如需更多资讯,请浏览 国税局的网站.

College students or their parents who paid qualified tuition and college expenses during the tax year will need 1098 - t形式 from their school if they want to claim certain education 信贷s

大学 and 大学 use the IRS form to report the total dollar amount a student or their parents paid for qualified tuition and expenses during the tax year. Schools are supposed to give a 1098 - t形式 to students by January 31 of the calendar year following the tax year in which the expenses were paid.

Here’s what to know about this form and what to do with it when you file your federal income tax return.


There are some instances when your college doesn’t need to send a 1098-T, including …

· A course you took didn’t offer an academic 信贷


· Your school waived your tuition and expenses, or they were covered entirely by scholarships

·雇主或政府机构, like the Department of Veterans Affairs or the Department of Defense, 完全支付你的学费和费用

如果你 believe you should have received a 1098-T but didn’t, it’s a good idea to reach out to your school and check the email address the school has on file.


Higher education isn’t cheap, but certain tax breaks can help defray 获得大学学位的成本. 如果你 receive a 1098 - t形式, it’s important to know what to do with it. The information on your 1098-T could help you claim valuable education 信贷s. You can learn more about tax benefits for education in 国税局970年出版.


The IRS uses these forms to match data from information returns to income, deductions and 信贷s reported on individual income tax returns. So, if a taxpayer claims an education 信贷 on their federal income tax return 和 IRS doesn’t have a 1098-T in its system for them, then the IRS could follow up with that taxpayer to ensure they’re actually eligible for the 信贷.

Educational institutions that are eligible to participate in the Department of Education’s student aid programs can issue 1098 - t形式, 包括大学, 大学, 职业学校, other eligible post-secondary education institutions.

大学, 大学 and other institutions that issue 1098 - t形式 are required to provide a copy of the form to the student by January 31st of the year following the tax year in which the expenses were paid. So, a 1098-T for tuition paid in 2021 is supposed to be in the student’s hands by January 31, 2022. 如果你, 或者你的父母, have paid qualified tuition expenses during the tax year, you will receive an email with a link to access your 1098 - t形式 online by January 31, 2022.

The form isn’t due to the IRS until March 31st when filed electronically. 这种方式, 如果学生收到错误的1098-T, they could have time to contact the college or university and request a correction before the school sends the information to the IRS.

1098-T表格没有最低门槛. Schools are required to issue this form if you paid any qualified education expenses, 像学费, fees or course materials that are required for enrollment – with some exceptions

1098 - t形式 is a relatively short form — it has 10 numbered boxes plus basic identifying information.


· Filer information: On the left side of the 1098-T, 签发表格的学校包括它的名字, address, 电话号码和税务识别号码. There’s also a box to include the student’s account number.

· Student information: Also on the left side of the form are boxes for the student’s name, address and tax identification number (like a Social Security number).

· Box 1: This box shows the total amount of all payments the school received from you for qualified tuition and related expenses during the calendar year — minus any refunds or reimbursements.

· Boxes 5: This box shows scholarships or grants that the school processed and applied to your tuition during the tax year.

· Box 8: 如果你’re enrolled at least half-time during any academic period that began in the calendar year, 学校应该在这个框里打勾.

· Box 9: This box indicates whether you were a graduate student.

When you’re ready to file your federal income tax return, make sure you have your 1098 - t形式 on hand — if you received one. It can help you calculate two potentially valuable education 信贷s — the 美国机会税收 信贷 终身学习信贷.






如果你 do not receive your 1098 - t形式 by January 31, 2021 please complete the following form.